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My Hall of Fame

I was recently inducted into my college’s Hall of Fame. My speech was about the people who are responsible for my success. I hope you enjoy it. I think we all have our own Halls of Fame. Who’s in yours?

Thank you. Thank you Franklin and Marshall College for inducting me into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to the 64 football team and the 07 lacrosse team. Congrats to Michelle and Melissa. F&M has a special place in my heart. I am so happy to be back here.

When I thought about my Hall of Fame speech I figured the thing to do was to talk about MY Hall of Fame. It’s right here. In my heart. Full of famous people. People who have cared about me. People who have helped me. Who love me. People who have let me help and love them too. People who I’ve connected to in these ways, even for the briefest moment. When someone gets inducted into my Hall of Fame, I make a portrait, and hang it in a special place. I add people every day. It has lots of halls and rooms. It’s always under construction,

You’re all in! Because you’re here with me now. Congratulations.

My dad often drove 7 hours each way to see me play here. He and my mom are Hall of Famers.

There’s a room in my Hall of Fame for my kids and my late wife Molly. It’s not a big room but it’s warm and full of love. It’s peaceful and cozy. The kids play games by the fireplace while Molly paints sunsets.

My sisters – and in laws are all in – nephews and neices, cousins too. They’re in. Frank and Dare Farrington. In.
My dogs are in the hall. Lots of tennis balls in that room.

Mr Blodgett, Mr Santos, Mr. Holt, Mrs. Lemire – and all the rest of my youth coaches and teachers. You’re all in.

All my teachers, coaches and mentors from Tabor Academy, you’re in. Duff, Stem, Slips, Rolls, Jonesy and Tim and all the others. You’re in. That’s a room on Sippican harbor with a big Tabor T in it.

My buddies growing up. And all my team mates. You’re in. Salty, Charlie, Huey, Nils, Art, Timmy, Todd, Pete, and all the others. You’re in. That room looks like Marion in summer, ice cream, bike riding, and never ending touch football games.

All my colleagues at Governors Academy. You’re in. Too many to name. Your room looks over the marsh to the Parker River.

All my coaching buddies. Renzie and Al, Pete and Dave, Dales, Cav, Woj, Ned, Arch, Bobby, Justin, Tim, Matt, Stew, Brian and so many more. You’re in. That’s a room full of leadership.

All the players I ever coached at Govs. The Red Dogs. You’re in. Your room is our locker room. The Dog Pound. When I walk in I hear the echoes of selflessness, commitment and creativity. I see Cardinal Red and championship banners.

Parents of the kids I’ve coached. You’re in. We did it together. Lotta love in that room.

Every one I ever coached with, Roke and Timmy and John and Dave and JJ at Govs.

And GW Mix, my brother who I coached with here in ‘88 and who I talk to almost every day. Your got your own cool room. Springsteen, Dylan and Marley on tunes, lotta soul in that room.

Ross Sachs, my coach here at F&M. The only coach who recruited me. The nicest man I ever knew. His room is filled with faith. Faith in me and my buddies, that we could be something more than we ever thought.

Coach Gilburg, Doc Marshall, Owen, Chuck, Patty Epps, Mark Faller, Sue Kloss, Glenn Robinson, Flossie. Professors Andrew and Miller. And all the other adults here who guided me at F&M. You’re in. Your room is blue and white, and feels like home.

All my F&M friends. All your faces and smiles and laughter. My friends on all the other teams. Your room looks like Hildy’s on a Friday night. A pitcher of beer is $3. We’re together. Talking, laughing, sharing our lives.
All my other friends. All of them. You’re in. Your room is full of faces old and young. Weathered through the storms, and lovely too. All there for me. And me for you.

The kid who works in the coffee shop, the stranger who holds the door, the driver who lets me merge, the person who waves and says hello. You’re in.

And my teammates. My brothers. The guys most responsible for me being here right now. You passed the ball to me, and yes, Carbs you chased it down when I missed. We were together all the time trying our best. We supported each other on and off the field. Still do. You are such a big part of who I am now. Our bonds were forged on fields at Baker campus, on Williamson Field, in buses, vans and on fields at other colleges. In England, in our locker room, and just together, as much as we could be. And in life since, through good times and bad. Your room is the biggest in Biddy’s Hall of Fame. Bigger even than Rippy’s heart. I spend lots of time there with you. The room of brotherhood. And in the corner of that room, the late, great Kenny Gramas is wearing number 4, and he’s singing.

Thank you. Have a great night.

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  1. kkkate #

    Love the blog, Pete – you are awesome! So happy to hear of your honor to the hall of fame at F&M – and, more, of your transformation of that experience into something we can all experience. So proud of you. So happy you and Molly built a beautiful life together. Much, much love, Kate



    October 27, 2017
  2. Johnny Obrien #

    Hi Pete,

    Congrats on you well earned F&M HOF induction! I appreciate your powerful ‘attitude of gratitude’ mindset in your response. I’d like to think that we were truly grateful even before it became “cool”.

    Can we chat next week,say Monday-Wednesday in the AM? Pick a time and we will make It happen.

    Happy November, Johnny

    Sent from my iPad



    November 3, 2017

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